Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EuroTrash Pilz

The Beer Stats:
  • Beer Name: EuroTrash Pilz
  • Brewery: Southern Tier Beer (New York)
  • Style: Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU:
  • Pour Color: Easily see thru straw color.

      The pour had a nice fluffy head to it. That would end quickly and a laced top would be seen for most the rest of the glass. A nice golden color that was easy to see through and actually quite bubbly. The scent off the top is a mostly malts. Wheat smell mostly and a little hint of hops. The taste is the same way. Very strong wheat and yeast flavor. The back ground isn't really bittered much by the hops. It's a sweet, slightly floral mix, toward the end of the taste. The wheat flavor lingers long after a sip. An average pilsner really.
      This is one of the few southern tier beers that just is boring to me. The hop really doesn't excite and the malts are just to sweet. It's really one of those yellow fizzy beers that other mass makers make. Yeah it's got a kick of a little more flavor but it's not really unique. If your a pilsner guy I can't see you being disappointed in this one. If you'er not a pilsner guy this isn't going to switch you to this style. Good beer but not great. 
Rating: **

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