Monday, January 7, 2013


The Beer Stats:
  • Beer Name: 2XIPA
  • Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company (New York)
  • Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 8.2%
  • IBU:?
  • Pour Color: This beer has a nice golden color light travels thru easy.

      This poured with a fluffy head that no Face could pass up. The bath in it was quick though and it left a nice film in the middle of the glass. A nice strong citrus scent off the top of this one also. The taste was a nice hop malt blend. The sweet malts ballenced the bitter well to this one. The citrus was there too and  The high alcohol still lends to the flavor too. Really good double IPA that's hard to pass up.
      This is a mustache kicker! You got bitter and sweet covered in the flavor and you got high alcohol almost hidden by the blend. Few times do you find the double just as smooth as the normal IPA. This one is more balanced to me then the normal IPA that really goes for the hop heavy. Still a great hop presence and one of the smoothest beers over 8% I've taken a bath in!

Rating: *****

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