Friday, December 14, 2012

Brooklyn Winter Ale

The Beer Stats:
  • Beer Name: Winter Ale
  • Brewery: Brooklyn Brewing Company (New York)
  • Style: Scottish ale
  • ABV: 6.1%
  • IBU: 25
  • Pour Color: A nice shade of red that shows tons of bubbles and light.

      This one poured a nice shade of red in the glass. The carbonation seemed a little higher then most. The head fizzed quick but would only be a film for most the glass. The Scottish malts give it a nice caramel scent. This one seems to have a spice but thats prolly just the higher carbonation. The real star of this one is the caramel malts. A slightly sweet fairly strong tasting beer. The yeast also has a role in the flavor that blends into a nice bread taste. The hops really take a back seat to all the malt flavor that's going on in this one. Still this mustache thinks it's a good scotch ale!
      Brooklyn makes tons of great beers. At the local store to day I got to meet there buffalo and Rochester rep. Unlike the big names it seems that Brooklyn wants educated beer people to do there representing, not young good looking girls that are just learning beer for the first time. If you're in Brooklyn anytime soon try some "there will be black" for me and let me know how it is!

Rating: ****

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